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Welcome to the CN30

The CN 30underThirty initiative recognises the industry’s exceptional talent; showcasing their achievements and rewarding their passion, creativity and brilliance that makes them the leaders of tomorrow within the conference and meetings industry. 

Every year since its launch in 2017, we unveil a list of 30 event professionals under the age of 30 who have shown exceptional tenacity, talent and a proven trajectory in conferences and meetings. They are the individuals who we believe will path the way to success in our industry, they break barriers, ignore the status quo, demonstrate passion, skill and ultimately push the industry forward. They are the rising stars.








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Why become a CN 30underThirty?
Becoming a CN 30underThirty is more than just about receiving an award. Gaining this accolade encourages your drive for success as it positions you amongst the best of the best and through your own CN30 programme be supplied with invaluable professional and personal growth.

Being a CN 30 also grants you direct contact to our editorial and marketing teams as well as property access to our Awards, Roundtables, networking events and International Confex!

The Conference News team is extremely proud of its CN30 alumni because we understand the importance to support and invest in the future leaders of our industry. Many of our 2018, 2019 and 2020 graduates have gone on to achieve spectacular career success which has been documented widely in the CN magazine and social media.

How it works

The Awards Ceremony
After all submissions have been entered and judged, the CN 30underThirty winners will be exclusively invited to attend their CN30 Awards ceremony where they will meet their fellow classmates and receive their trophy. Attendees will also receive a three-course meal, live entertainment and professional career photos.

The CN 30underThirty programme
The CN 30underThirty programme is a 12-month process that consists of fantastic opportunities, designed specifically to give the CN30 winners; the skills, awareness and confidence to be effective leaders within the Conference and Meetings industry. The programme content is experiential and practical, with clear outcomes being delivered to ensure our CN30 not only become uniquely skilled individuals but are provided with a platform that promotes their visions, values and insights to push our industry forward.






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