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Where the UK Meetings industry Meets

Since its birth in 2003, Conference News has served as the official information hub for the UK MICE industry, forging connections with event professionals throughout the country, and providing a platform for like-minded individuals to communicate and learn.

Now with a combined community of over 100,000 event professionals, Conference News has become home to the largest collection of based corporate, agency and association event planners in the UK, and we’re still continuing the grow!





Our Vision

We aim to serve as the official information hub for the UK's conference & events industry.

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Our Mission

To grow the industry we serve by inspiring the UK MICE industry.

To empower event organisers, venues, suppliers and corporations by providing a platform where they can communciate, learn and excel in the UK MICE industry. We scour the globe to find thought-leaders and curious minds with shared values and beliefs, who aspire to drive positive change, and make them feel like part of something greater than themselves. We foster a sense of belonging to inspire and empower these communities to do great business, while always doing good in the world.






Our Values

Teamwork & Integrity

We believe in building a culture that fosters teamwork, honesty, being humble and serving our community however we can. This is what drives us and why we succeed.

Determined to deliver
We do what we say we will and hold our standards as high as possible because that’s what delights our customers and pushes us forward.

Learn & Curiosity
We’re obsessed with learning and sharing knowledge so we can all become better versions of ourselves to achieve our purpose, mission and vision.




Meet the team behind everything
at Conference News

Liz Agostini
Jack Newey
Max Agostini

Niall Hodgson,
Marketing Executive

Tobius Field
Sales Executive

Tom Ambridge,
Sales Executive


Join the Conference News Community

Join the Conference News Community

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